Addressing these issues at the dept of Veterans Affairs would have been my first project as your Senator

I challenge Senator Cornyn to take up this cause.

If you have been following my work, you realize that there are many highly skilled Americans of all races sitting on the sideline that want to get back to work.

What better place to utilize their skills than the Department of Veterans Affairs and their Technology Modernization Efforts?

You can read where they stand at this point by clicking on the following link.

Nowhere will you hear them mention bringing in those highly skilled unemployed Americans to help with their efforts.

And many of us are veterans.

I have tried numerous times to work my way into one of those jobs, and as you can see, I was willing to start at the bottom as a housekeeping aid as all I wanted was the opportunity to prove myself.

I tried for the fourth time, starting on 4 Feb 2020 and gave up on 27 Feb 2020 when I was told that I would have to call to get permission from my supervisor or work lead if I wanted to leave my assigned area for any reason.

I thought about it for a second or two and said to myself, self, you didn’t spend 40 years acquiring skills that have let you work as developer, team lead, systems analyst and project manager only to give up and humble yourself.

Perhaps I am too proud and I should accept my lot in life, but I’m not at that point yet.

And I will continue to fight this offshoring of our best paying jobs and importing non-immigrant guest workers to take our remaining best paying jobs until I die simply because it has destroyed way too many American lives and the future of so many that have the skills and natural ability to rise to any and all occasions and opportunities, given the opportunity.

As an example, let me show you how the Department of Veterans Affairs has put your health information at risk by exposing and accessing it from Communist China of all places.

You can click on the following link if you would like to read the rest of this report.


For those wondering, technically I am still an employee as all I did was turn in my badge and keys.

I still need to turn in two uniforms, but I simply don’t have the gas right now to use as things are that bad on my end.



For those not believing me, here are my two paystubs.

Unfortunately, my first week there I caught that bad cold that is going around and I was out a week.

Why don’t I shut up about this?

I’ve heard from too many people with similar stories.

The most recent was from an Air Force vet who is a psychiatrist who described the stonewalling that he/she has received when dealing with patients if I understood it correctly.

Speaking about that, several years ago I wrote President Trump and the head of va, etc. a letter stating that I believe that they need to look at the job displacement stuff I see every day as I believe it could be a significant contributor to the 22 suicides per day that they are dealing with.

It took about a year to work its way back down the chain of command but one day I get called in and asked if I am suicidal.

Here I am trying to show them what I am seeing and now I’m suicidal?

Yep, it apparently went right over their heads what I was trying to describe.

Which makes me remember a story I was told when I was a young electronics type working with engineers.

This person told me that most engineers suffer from “If it wasn’t invented here, it doesn’t exist”.

Perhaps leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs suffers from the same ailment and some fresh blood could change their perspective?



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