Jobs and Opportunity

Your Child, Your Family, Your Cousins, Your Ancestors

None can put a roof over their head, food on the table and heat and cool their home without a job, can they?

So tell me this.

When we send jobs to other countries, that decreases the jobs here at home, depriving somebody of the job that they used to have.

That somebody, whoever they are, can no longer put a roof over their head, food on the table and heat and cool their home, can they?

If they were lucky they find some type of minimum wage job where they are dependent on tips to pay the rent, if they can even afford rent.

If they are not, they end up in the growing homeless population that we are seeing all across our nation.

Is that really what we want to be known for?

The destroyer of our citizens just as long as it doesn’t happen to us!

Many of you will say that this is not happening and that everybody that wants a job has a job, but the facts will not support what you believe.

These are the jobs that we have in America sorted by the gain / loss column which shows how many new jobs have been created between 2010 to 2018.

Your top 3 choices are food service, nurses aides and truck driving.

But what if you want more for your family.

What if you wanted to be a computer and mathematical type person making the big bucks?

We created 1,100,350 new computer and mathematical jobs between 2010 and 2018.

However, we had 2,934,798 H-1B non-immigrant guest workers that wanted to be imported to take those jobs, and our Senators like Cornyn are putting India ahead of Texas when it comes to jobs.

So you tell me, if these non-immigrant guest workers are given first priority for those jobs, do you think you will have the opportunity to get one of those jobs when there are 3 times as many applications as there are jobs to fill?

Do you understand now why I believe that Jobs & Opportunity are one of the most important issues we face today?

And why I want the opportunity to discuss this with you and why I believe it is very important that we displace Senator Cornyn from his job representing us?