Legal and Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration?

Saying that you support illegal immigration is like saying I support people that break into your home.

But if you are lucky enough to ask those who say they support illegal immigration a question, you can bet they will not answer and you can also bet that they have walls surrounding their home, and most likely armed security guards.

So no, I do NOT support illegal immigration.

I do support legal immigration simply because most of us are descended from people that immigrated from other countries.

They came here to be Americans and to make America a better place.

We need more people like that.

But what organizations like advocate for is not legal immigration.

It is a tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers imported specifically to take your job away from you.

My vote will be to end all non-immigrant guest worker visas, period.

And I will welcome legal immigrants and legal visitors who come to visit our great country.

But not non-immigrant guest workers whose sole purpose is to enrich a few at the expense of the many.

Yes, you read that right.

We had 533,557 Legal Immigrants in 2018

And 9,028,026 non-immigrant guest workers who want your job.