The ball is in your court

I’ve been digging into whatever I could find to try and understand where we stand, and this is what I have come up with so far.

Most of these candidates have never been on a statewide ballot in Texas, and no one has really broken out. To help voters make sense of the race, the Tribune asked the top candidates a series of simple questions designed to highlight their political and policy-based differences.

It’s a race to get into the May runoff. The winner will then face Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in the general election.

Notice how they are automatically assuming that it will be a Democrat running against Senator Cornyn?

Wondering why that is, I dug into the money available.

So we have the following:

  1. $17,383,608.70 – Senator Cornyn
  2. $67,765.67 – Stovall
  3. $47,041.00 – Yancey
  4. $4,009.00 – Bierschwale
  5. $0.00 – Castro

While Stovall and Yancey have definitely raised more than I have, none of us are even close to Senator Cornyn, and it appears that Castro might be out of the race and there really is not that much of a difference in fund raising between Stovall, Yancey and myself.

It would appear that Senator Cornyn has it won hands down, but I’m not so sure of that, because I’ve been hearing from a lot of you about how Senator Cornyn has been ignoring you and favoring globalization at your expense.

That might be what it will come down too, and if that is the case, we might have a good chance if you want us too.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn has held this seat since his 2002 election, and he has become one of the chamber’s most powerful Republicans. Cornyn has never lost an election, and he’s trying to convince Texas Republicans that his streak is in jeopardy in 2020. As of January, he had raised $12 million for his reelection bid, far outpacing his Democratic rivals.

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