The Big Picture on Jobs

I started researching what was happening in 2007 when I founded Keep America At Work.

I have never gone a day without work as I had the “skills”, and in 2003 I suddenly found myself unemployable like many others.

Around 2012 I finally began to comprehend the big picture, but I never had the megaphone to get the word out to more than a few people.

Around 4 minutes into this video, this guy will give you a good explanation of what really is happening.

This guy does a good job explaining the unemployment numbers.

If you want to continue on this path, all you have to do is re-elect Senator Cornyn or any of those running to replace him because you will hear nobody other than me attempting to show you what really is happening which leaves me with one question.

Doesn’t your family, and your descendants and those you care about deserve a decent future?

As they say in Maine, we can’t get there from here.

It is time for a change in Washington, DC

One comment on “The Big Picture on Jobs

  1. February 12, 2020 Eric Adams

    Talking about jobs, what about AI and self-driving vehicles? Many, many jobs will be lost in the not too distant future. What are your thoughts on how we as a nation can mitigate the loss and move workers toward new frontiers? I see truck driving and assembly plant jobs going away.

    Good to hear you were an electronics technician in the Navy. I too am an electronics technician and retired from the Air Force. I now work for the National Weather Service as an electronic technician. Thank you for your service.


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