They are all the same – Why do they not stand up for American Workers?

I spent some time looking at the other candidates for Senator, and President as well.

The headline pretty well sums up my thought.

Folks, if we send jobs to other countries, and we are doing that on a large scale, it decreases the jobs available here in America, and in Texas.

It we compound this problem by only sending our best paying jobs to other countries, it forces your family into working in those 10, 15, and 20 dollar per hour jobs and trying to make a living when all around you, housing costs continue to shoot for the moon.

And when we import non-immigrant guest workers and move them to the head of the line with preferential treatment, or caste being used to determine who gets hired, this also forces you into those low paying jobs to try and put a roof over your family.

But none of these candidates are willing to talk to you, or learn from those that have been documenting what is happening.

I think that is wrong on a major level.

But it is what you think tomorrow when you vote that matters.

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