Your Taxes & How The Government Spends Them

IF you pay 22% of your income in as taxes, shouldn’t I as well?

So tell me how these billionaires pay zero taxes?

Shouldn’t they pay 22% as well?

After all, what is good for me should be good for you, shouldn’t it?

And it helps to fund our country and take care of those who are not so fortunate.

Lets end all deductions and make everybody pay the same exact tax.

I’m fine with 10% of income.

I’m fine with zero income tax and a 10% consumption tax where a tax is charged on anything you purchase for your self.

Either will be fine.

Eliminate all of these other taxes.

That is how our government gets the money to pay the bills and I’m fine with that.

But I am not fine with how they spend their money.

Shouldn’t we require them to only spend money on companies that have 100% of their employees who are American Citizens?

Those who have legally immigrated and those that been born here.

Why are we paying the money that you and I paid in as taxes, to companies who refuse to hire our citizens?

If it is not used for the betterment of our citizens and our country, then we shouldn’t be paying anything in at all, should we?

A lawsuit alleging that outsourcing firm Infosys favored hiring Indian workers over U.S. workers now includes an account from a recruiter about the alleged practice.

Trust me, this company and many more like them are making a very good living off of your tax revenue that is paid to them by government agencies at the county, state, and federal level.

Notice how 60.5% of their total revenue comes from America?

Notice how only 2.5% of their total revenue comes from India where they are based out of, and where they hire the bulk of their employees from?

Should we allow our tax money to be used to hire companies that will not hire only American Citizens?

My vote is no, and I will do my part to make sure that this no longer happens given the opportunity to do so.